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    How long does the grooming take?

    For full grooming it usually takes about 2 hours.
    For bath & tidy it takes about 1 hour~1.5hours
    *May vary depending on condition of hair, temperament

    Will there be other dogs around?

    I only groom one dog at a time and I don’t cage dry in kennels. Your dog will be in a safe and stress-free environment 🙂

    What payment do you accept?

    I accept either E-transfer or cash

    Can I leave my dog and pick up later in the day?

    Unfortunately I currently do not have daycare service so dogs are to be picked up as soon as they are finished grooming.

    My dog is scratching and might have fleas. Can I still bring my dog in for grooming?

    If you think your dog has fleas or has fleas please reschedule your appointment.
    I will not be able to accept dogs that have fleas and if they are found mid-groom owners will need to pick up asap.
    The best way to keep your dogs flea-free (especially in warmer months)
    is to give them flea treatments available from your vet.

    Do you accept senior dogs?

    New clients up to 14 years old are accepted.
    Grooming can be stressful especially for senior dogs or dogs with health problems. There is also a greater risk of injury.
    Because of this grooming will need to be quick and comfortable as possible.
    If there is a sign of stress or difficult to continue grooming the dog will be sent home.